Affordable solar energy

blauwroodEasy and affordable installation of solar power is our business! Easy Solar Group is based on  the principle that solar power can be much cheaper than it is today. To provide cheap solar power for everybody, we deliver products that:

  • Make installation so easy that you don’t need a professional,  crane, etc. anymore
  • Make solar power FREE when using our Easy Solar subscription product
  • Make you less dependant on rare earth metals while increasing use of durable energy
  • Make you earn back your investment much, much faster

The world is becoming a greener place rapidly. Millions of people switch to solar power every year, with an increasingly efficient output for solar panels. This is expected to continue, as solar power is a clean and abundant source of energy. And with Easy Solar this has become greener as the use of rare earth metals is allowed to decrease. And at the same time the use of solar energy is also cheaper.

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